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Getting to grips with Eclipse: cross compiling

In this article I will show you how to use Eclipse to cross compile a program and run it on a development board. I am running the Helios release of Eclipse on Ubuntu 10.04 but it will work as described on a wide variety of versions of Linux and Eclipse. My target board has an ARM 926JE core and I am using an Ångström toolchain and root file system ( but once again the information is generic and should work with pretty much any embedded Linux target and toolchain.

Getting to grips with Eclipse: remote access and debugging

Most people working with embedded Linux are using Eclipse as the IDE, but not always taking full advantage of it. In this article I will look at one handy plug-in: the Remote System Explorer or RSE. RSE gives you three things: it allows you to explore the files on the target board, meaning that you can copy files over using drag and drop and, the killer app for me, you can edit a file on the target just by double clicking on it. The second feature is a remote shell so that you can run a terminal window in Eclipse - a marginal benefit in my opinion.

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