2net has a wealth of experience in using Linux in mobile and embedded systems. If you are just starting out on an Android or Linux project, or if you would like us to work on a part of a project, or indeed on a whole project, we are on hand to help you get the most from your system.

The problem with Linux is not that there is too little information but that there is too much. It can take weeks out of a project schedule just reading the "HowTo"s and "README"s. We have been through this process many times and can help you cut through the web of data to find the solution that is right for you.

We can work on fixed price or daily rates, either on site or off. It may be just a one day contract to resolve a particular issue, or it may be a long term project. In other words we are flexible and able to fit in with your requirements in almost all cases. If you would like a quotation, email

Linux ports and board support packages

Putting Linux on to an embedded computer is usually a case of creating a suitable kernel configuration and root file system to best serve the needs of the target. Where memory is tight we usually use busybox for the basic utilities and tinylogin for user log in. In some cases it will be necessary to develop device drivers for non-standard peripherals on the board. This is especially true of non-i386 platforms.

Real Time

Real time is an area of much debate, and a corresponding amount of confusion. We can help you determine whether a standard Linux kernel will have adequate response times in your application using appropriate benchmark techniques. If not, all is not lost. Maybe the RT/preempt patch can solve the problem, or maybe critical code can be moved into device drivers. In really demanding applications we use RTAI or Xenomai to give interrupt latencies down to tens of microseconds with minimal jitter.

Device Drivers

Device drivers are always a problem for new and non-standard hardware. We have written drivers for many applications, including communications peripherals, touch screens and video.

Here are some of the projects we have worked on recently.

  • Application development and web front end for a Linux device server using an ARM926 SoC
  • Ported and customised the Firefox web browser to a Power PC platform
  • Firmware (U-Boot) and board support packages for two router products (using Power PC)
  • Created a web-enabled home automation system for Cytech Technolgy