Chris Simmonds presenting at ABS 2014 2net provides a range of instructor-led training courses that share the expertise we have gained while working on numerous Linux and Android based projects. The lead instructor is Chris Simmonds, who has many thousands of classroom hours of experience world-wide and has taught engineers at leading high-tech companies including ARM, Intel, BMW and Volvo Car

All course materials are updated regularly to use current versions of software.

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Mastering Yocto Project

Learn how to make effective use of the Yocto Project

Duration: 4 days

Embedded Android

Discover how to implement and deploy Android in embedded systems

Duration: 4 days

Mastering embedded Linux

Learn how to implement and deploy Linux in embedded devices

Duration: 4 days

Embedded Android + Automotive

Find out about Android Automotive

Duration: 5 days

System programming for embedded Linux

See how to make optimal use of POSIX system calls to write robust system programs in C

Duration: 4 days

Embedded Linux device drivers

Learn how to write device drivers for Linux, with an emphasis on embedded use cases

Duration: 4 days