Booking a class

2net runs public training courses on a regular schedule. Alternatively, we can come to you and hold the course on-site in your offices, which is cost-effective for larger numbers of attendees.

Please email to make a booking and for other enquiries about 2net training

Public courses

All 2net public courses are held in the historic city of Winchester, in southern England. Details about the venue, accommodation and travel will be sent to you once your booking has been confirmed.

On-site courses


The cost of running a training course depends on the length of the course and the travelling expenses of the trainer. Contact for a quotation.

Maximum number of students



The customer should provide a room suitable for the training with projector and whiteboard or flip chart and one PC or laptop per two students to run the development tools needed during the labs.


The lab sessions are very important to the success of our training courses. The customer should provide one laptop or PC per student. 2net will provide a suitable development target board, for example a BeagleBone Black, and all the software needed on the development PC/laptop in the form or a bootable USB external disk drive. Hence, there is no requirement for the customer to install Linux on the PC/laptops before the course runs: everything is on the USB drive.

All labs use open-source tools throughout, usually running on Ubuntu 16.04 desktop in 64-bit mode, so there are no issues about obtaining software licenses.

PC/laptop specification

For the Linux training courses pretty much any hardware less than 4 years old will be fine. The most important thing is that it is possible to boot from an external USB flash drive, in other words that it is possible to enter the BIOS set up and change the boot order. Some machines have a password-protected BIOS and require special permission to make changes. Also on the subject of USB, we do need quite a lot of ports: USB flash drive, BeagleBone serial cable, BeagleBone USB cable. Desktop PCs also require two ports for a keyboard and mouse, bringing the total up to 5.

For the Android courses, we need machines powerful enough to compile the Android source. A minimum specification would be quad-core Intel i7 or better with at least 16 GiB RAM

Internet access

Students will need access to the Internet to download software and read specifications during the labs.

Power sockets

Lack of power sockets is a common problem. As a minimum we need two sockets per pair of students plus two for the trainer. In reality, students will bring their own laptops, phones and tablets, so it is better to plan for two sockets per student.